About Us

Ever since the creation of the business, DIVA Bordeaux’ duty has been to provide its customers the very best wines and the very best of what wine can offer.

A word from
the President

I have had the pleasure to be at the head of DIVA since 1989. During these 30 years, I have seen the company and the number of employees grow in order to serve our increasing number of customers all over the world. Our success would not have been possible without the professional and personal relationships I am grateful to have developed with all the personalities in the world of wine, something that I cherish, more than all. Always led by the same passion, I am constantly determined to strive for the prestige of the best wines. Knowing that success is always collective and shared, I will continue with the ethical code deeply-rooted at DIVA Bordeaux to maintain and transmit the values of the company.

Yours faithfully,
Jean-Pierre Rousseau

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40 years
of experience

For over 40 years, DIVA Bordeaux has taken great pride in representing passionate and gifted winemakers across the world, who each to their own share a great level of “savoir-faire” in nurturing their precious terroir.

With more than 97% of its sales spread across export markets, DIVA Bordeaux is a key player in the distribution of the greatest wines of Bordeaux and beyond. Today, the company exports to over 60 countries with particular success in Asia and the Americas, whilst keeping a very strong base in Europe.

Key Dates



Commercial objective of 60m€ turnover with key market expansion in the Americas and emerging markets.



The most successful commercial year for DIVA Bordeaux since its creation with a turnover of 48.8m€.



Distribution in over 60 export markets. ODDO Vins et Domaines becomes a shareholder of the company.



Bright Food Group becomes the majority shareholder of DIVA Bordeaux. Jean-Pierre Rousseau is named President.



The creation of a Petits Châteaux and Crus Bourgeois portfolio to compliment the Blue-Chip Bordeaux.



The company acquires major allocations of the Bordeaux classified growths whilst becoming known for its presence in Asia.



Jean-Pierre Rousseau joins DIVA with the development of a number of important international clients.



DIVA is founded. The company locates to the historic centre of the Bordeaux Wine Trade, Les Chartrons.


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Asia : 33.74%

Europe : 27.45%

United Kingdom : 26.65%

North America : 8.08%

South America : 1.04%

Rest of the world : 3.04%

Close and loyal relationships with our partners, combined with the understanding of the challenges in the business world are essential in satisfying the demands of the final consumer.

97% of its sales

spread across export markets


600 000 bottles

a permanent stock of Grands Vins, securely stored in Bordeaux, including back-vintages and very rare parcels.

Proactive, professional
and reliable

The dynamic and multinational team of DIVA Bordeaux consists of 20 employees that strives for growth and to provide the most qualitative distribution possible.

​Our shared success is mainly a result of our passion for the product and being aware of the values needed to succeed in a niche and luxury market that is fine wine.

Get to know our team members better :

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Our added value

A motivated team

Trustworthy and reliable relationships

Our will to answer your strategical needs.

The desire to deliver

The guaranteed origin of our crus

Our profound knowledge of wine

It is with this mindset that we are collaborating and committing in each one of our new projects.